Your data will be treated confidentially by us and will not be passed on to third parties. Your data will only be used for internal practice purposes, such as appointments or changes or innovations within the practice. You can be contacted via phone call, SMS, WhatsApp, i-Massage, e-mail or Facebook (massanger).
The animal owner / person authorized to dispose of them is directly and fully liable for all damage caused to the therapist, other people, practice equipment and practice facilities by him or the animal.
If an appointment cannot be kept, it must be canceled at least 24 hours before the appointment - on Monday appointments by 12 noon on Saturday - by phone, Whatsapp, email or sms. There are no costs involved.
If an appointment is canceled on the same day or not at all, we charge this appointment in full. We ask for your understanding, as if you cancel at short notice during this scheduled time, no other patient can benefit from the possibility of treatment. If a 10-class card is available, the missed appointment counts as a one-time treatment session. The default will be paid at the next appointment or after the invoice has been issued.
Special regulations in exceptional cases.

Disclaimer of liability
Tierphysiotherapie-Potsdam assumes no liability for customers and their valuables before, during and after treatments. A liability of the physiotherapist is excluded with the exception of grossly negligent and willful breaches of duty that affect life, body and health.
If consequential damage occurs despite professional use, which can be traced back to the fact that a customer withholds reasons for exclusion, the therapist / business owner is released from any liability.
The same applies to damage that arises because the customer was not aware of a reason for exclusion and was not recognizable to the therapist / business owner.

Massages and physiotherapy treatments
Tierphysiotherapie-Potsdam provides its services on the basis of the information given by the customer. He is solely responsible for the factual correctness and completeness of this information. Tierphysiotherapie-Potsdam provides its services to the best of its knowledge.
All treatments are carried out under the condition that the patient is treated holistically. This means that the elimination or alleviation of existing health impairments is sought promptly with the means available. However, the long-term endeavor to remedy the cause of this impairment is in the foreground.
The therapy also serves to relax, loosen up and activate the body's self-healing powers. If the body is not used to it, negative reactions may occur, such as worse running of the animal.
The therapist provides his services to the patient in such a way that he applies his knowledge and abilities to practice medicine for advice, diagnosis and therapy with the patient.
The therapist is entitled to discontinue the treatment if the owner is not in control of the animal and there is a danger for the therapist.
All therapies carried out take place after consultation with the patient owner, who undertakes to answer all questions about his animal, in particular those relating to its health and the previous course of therapy, comprehensively and truthfully.
If the patient has an acute illness e.g. Treatment for gastrointestinal infections is excluded. The therapist reserves the right to refuse the application, depending on her discretion and a brief history.